Ms. Mallika Srinivasan

Ms. Mallika Srinivasan

Recognized as one of the most powerful women in India Inc., and one of India’s leading entrepreneurs, Ms. Mallika Srinivasan is the current Chairman and CEO of UNITEA. Aptly called “India’s tractor woman”, she is the CEO of TAFE, the flagship company for the Amalgamations Group. She was responsible for the dramatic increase in turnover from a mere Rs.86 crores in 1985, to Rs.8,020 crores in 2012, entering the 1.6B league and making it the second biggest tractor company in India, and the third in the world.

Mallika believes in strong work ethics, and has made a conscious effort to induct more women into the workforce. To quote her, “Diversity is an essential prerequisite for innovation”. Her mantra for success – hands on approach, passion for work, and a firm belief that as a family business, attention has to be paid to sustainability.

It comes as no surprise that the world took notice of her well-rooted principles as a business leader. Some recent awards include her being voted Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen and ranked India Inc.’s 8th Most Powerful CEO.

Mallika once said, “You don’t need to love money to run a business. You have to have a dream to build an institution, to build centers of excellence, to create a great team. Business has a larger purpose … business can operate well only in the social context of educated and healthy people.”

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